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Flash flood claims 17 lives in Afghanistan's Parwan province - World - Chinadaily.com.cn

CHARIKAR, Afghanistan - At least 17 people have been confirmed dead and scores of houses washed away as flash floods swept through several villages in Shinwari district and adjoining areas in eastern Afghanistan's Parwan province on Sunday, district chief Mullah Khan Mohammad said Monday.

The flash floods triggered by heavy rains on Sunday evening killed 13 persons in Shinwari district and four others in the neighboring Siagurd district, the official said.

Several more villagers have gone missing, the official said.

The exact number of casualties and property damages have yet to be determined, the official said.

More than 200 people have been killed and scores of others injured due to torrential rains and flooding in Afghanistan over the past months.

2022-09-15 17:44:15 来源: 北京  

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